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Cli-Fi - Climate Fiction: Introduction

A topic guide to support the timely and growing literary genre of "Cli-Fi" or Climate Fiction.

images depicting climate change - A space side/horizon view of the earth's surface, and open book with a forest sprouting then dying within the pages and a person reading book while floating in water, while using an umbrella.

“There’s a new term, cli-fi (for climate fiction, a play on sci-fi), that’s being used to describe books in which an altered climate is part of the plot. Dystopic novels used to concentrate only on hideous political regimes, as in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Now, however, they’re more likely to take place in a challenging landscape that no longer resembles the hospitable planet we’ve taken for granted.” ~ Margaret Atwood

Climate Fiction on Social Media

Suggested Books & List

Gr. 9-12: Games & Databases

Gr. 9-12: How do I share & stay safe online?

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