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This guide provides information for Indigenous, high school students from our Indigenous student leadership program - iLead.
intro slide for Metis woman, Candace Lloyd and Algonquin woman Danka Brewer

Danka and Candace @ iLead March 30, 2023

different Métis sashes to reflect the teaching Candace shared. Red sash, green sash, blue sash, black sash, original style colours (more muted), loom weaving, finger weaving, and Louis Riel with his sash

Candace shared teachings and knowledge about Métis sashes. The various colours they come in and their many uses, along with Louis Riel and and a photo of his sash.  

Seven Grandfather Teachings - Buffalo - Respect, Bear - Courage, Wolf - Humility,  Beaver - Wisdom,  Sabé - Honesty, Turtle - Truth, Eagle - Love

Seven Grandfather Teachings and L.A.W. (Land, Air & Water)

Seven Grandfather Teachings & L.A.W. (Land, Air and Water), Beaded Bracelets

Some photos of our learning in progress, making bracelets.

students working on colouring and beading at our March 30th iLead day. Beading seven grandfather teaching bracelets and colouring images of wolves, bears, sabe and turtles.

Beading, colouring, visiting and sharing.... priceless! 

Stay tuned for more pictures form the day, with images of Metis woman, Candace Lloyd and Algonquin woman Danka Brewer

Stay tuned for pictures from the day!

Danka Brewer (Algonquin); Candace Lloyd (Métis)

Algonquin Woman, Danka Brewer, smiling, wearing a blue and white ribbon blouse, holding a birch bark basket


Danka Brewer


Métis woman, Candace Lloyd, with long brown hair, smiling, wearing a brown top with a red Métis sash around her neck.

Candace Lloyd