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Activities, databases, ebooks, videos.... Things to explore about the season of Spring
Colorful Flowers Background Frame for Spring Season in Realistic 3D Vector Illustration with Hello Spring Text
Flower garden with willow tree. Chuntian and Chinese figures for Spring.
Hello Spring in Arabic Calligraphy letter with green leaves and Flowers. For prints, banner, greeting card, invitation template - Vector
Primavera, Spring spanish text
Japenese garden with pink cherry blossoms
Wooden Background With German Text Hallo Fruehling Means Hello Spring. Easter Decoration Like Easter Eggs And Easter Bunny. Sunny Yellow Spring
White lamb jumping in the grass. Het is Lente! text.
Signs of Spring - Oji-Cree Syllabics


Spring Time Words

English translation of Mohawk words used in the video

lokennó:ron - rainy

loráhkote - sunny

Otsi'nonwa'shón:'a - bugs

óhente - grass

Otsi'tsa'shón:'a - flowers


8 March 2023

Holi - Hindu Festival of Colour

Spring Music

Note: Spring Songs for Children YouTube video from The Learning Station includes lyrics.


Spring into the season with these VLC Databases

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Click on Peep the chicken    for more full episodes of Peep and the Big Wide World


Maple Syrup

Note:  This video is primarily in the Mohawk language.  Both the closed caption and transcript options available do not recognize the Mohawk terms and have therefore assigned the closest English words and pronunciations, resulting in an incoherent and unuseable text.  The terms have been written as part of the video alongside their corresponding images; however, the English translations are only spoken.

English translation of Mohawk language used in the “Kanien'kéha Lesson – Maple” video

kahrhá:kon – forest

Wáhta ó:kwire – maple tree

Aotiharennawèn:ta – sap

Ka’nahkowá:nen – big pot

Tenhahnekóntiehte – He will boil it

Wáhta óshes – maple syrup

Kanonhsésne – at the longhouse

Tenhontenonhwerá:ton – They give thanks

Iorontokhá:’on – sap is running from the tree

When the sap starts to flow.....

Here’s a list of sugar bushes near Ottawa and Gatineau that have web sites. You should check the web site or call ahead to make sure they’re open for business.

Sugar Bushes – Ontario

Cabanes à Sucre – Québec