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Grade 10: Math: Quadratic Relations

The mathematics courses in the Grade 10 curriculum are offered in two types, academic and applied. The Grade 10 academic and applied courses prepare students for particular destination-related courses in Grade 11.

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Need to Review?

Use this rap to help you remember how to solve Quadratic Equations.

The 3 Methods Covered:

(1) Factoring

(2) Completing the Square

(3) Using the Quadratic Formula 

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Introduction to Quadratic Relationships

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What do we learn about Quadratic Relations?

Quadratic Relations of the Form y = ax2 + bx + c

• Investigating the Basic Properties of Quadratic Relations
• Relating the Graph of y = x2 and Its Transformations
• Solving Quadratic Equations
• Solving Problems Involving Quadratic Relations