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Grade 8: History: Introduction

The discovery of Canadian History from 1850 to 1914 outlining influences from politics, economics, society and the legal systems and how it affected Canadians in this timeline.

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Grade 8 History: Introduction

In Grade 8 history, students will expand their knowledge on earlier Canadian history between 1850 and 1914. They will explore experiences and challenges facing Canadians around the beginning of the twentieth century. Students will explore the path that led the country to Confederation and the effect it had on Canadians, including First Nations, and  new immigrants. Students will learn of the rights and freedoms we have in Canada today and how they came to be.  Students will develop and learn about the issues of Canadians for that time from the mid-nineteenth century to the eve of World War I.

There are two strands for Grade 8 History:

Creating Canada

Canada: 1900-1914:  A Changing Society.

Each strand and the information needed for these strands are available through this Grade 8 History libguide. Please contact your Learning Commons Informationist for more information.

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Mary Hills- Learning Commons Informationist UCDSB

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