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UCDSB 2022 Virtual Gathering Showcase Gallery: Honouring Relationships: 'Tradition.....Now'

We hope you enjoy the Student Gallery below. Our students have worked diligently throughout the year to learn about and honour First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures and are proud to demonstrate their learning through their projects and research.

Traditions Now - Honouring Relationships - School Highlights - 2022

Logos for all of the participating Schools: Ahkwesahsne Mohawk School, Laggan Public School, Viscount Alexander Public School, Eamer’s Corners Public School, Williamstown Public Schools, Bridgewood Public School, Central Public School, Maxville Public School, North Stormont Public School, Roxmore Public School, Pleasant Corners Public School, Rockland Public School.

Traditions Now: Honouring Relationships - TRC+7 - Participating Schools

students from Ahkwesahnsne Mohawk School creating wooden disks with painted designs, depicting the 21 elements of the Thanksgiving Address.

Ahkwesahsne Mohawk School - Thanksgiving Address

Photos sampling learning that happened at Eamer's Corners Public School,  about Inuit games, Métis sashes and Dot Art, medicine pouches and smudging.

Eamer's Corners Public School

Williamstown Public School

Central Public School

North Stormont Public School

Roxmore Public School

Bridgewood Public School

Laggan Public School

Maxville Public School

Pleasant Corners Public School

Viscount Alexander Public School

Have a Heart Day

Have a Heart Day & Heart Gardens

Have a Heart Day, History

Mme McDonell's Kindergarten Class - Williamstown Public School

Grade 1 & 2, French Immersion - Williamstown Public School

Heart Gardens - History

Grade 5/6 - French Immersion - Laggan Public School

5/6 Ms. Bruning - Laggan Public School

Heart Garden - Bridgeview Public School