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Grade 9: Math: Introduction

Suggestions, activities, databases and tools are available to assist you in advancing your skills in the areas of Algebra and Geometry as well as other mathematical functions.

Ontario Curriculum

Gr. 9-12: Teacher Resources

UCDSB Mathematics Professional Development Tool

More Teacher Resources

Math in the Real World

Introduction to Grade 9 Mathematics

The above video will give you an idea of the path you will follow and the concepts you will cover during your Grade 9 Math course.

You will study in sections:  Numbers, Algebra, Data Literacy, Financial Literacy, Geometry and Measurement. You will also learn the social emotional and real world connections involved with mathematics. 

The databases, links, apps and videos are included in this Subject Guide to help you with your study of this course.

Introduction to Grade 9 Math Subjects

Get an Overview: Reference Sources

Gr. 9-12: Ask Us/Demande Moi

Gr. 9-12: Games & Databases

Gr. 9-12: Send us your work

Gr. 9-12: How do I share & stay safe online?