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Grade 1: Math: Home

A collection of activities and resources, chosen to help support the Ontario, Grade 1 math curriculum. Includes resources for teachers and parents!

Ontario Math Curriculum

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UCDSB Mathematics Professional Development Tool

Parent Resources

Information for Parents

Go Go Grade 1!

Welcome to the Grade 1 Math guide on the VLC.

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Math Fun in Grade 1!

Children on the carpet learning math, eager to work on a problem together

Mrs Gillis' Class - Front of Yonge

Give us a math problem - we can do it!

Snowball math problem written on chart paper.


we love making snowballs!

image of two students and a teacher making their thinking visible as they work through a snowball problem, using cotton balls, paper and pencils.

Here we go....

Image of a student telling the teacher what he knows about his math problem about snowballs. There are cotton balls being used as manipulatives.


image of student work, solving a math problem about snowballs

Used numbers, pictures AND words!

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K-Gr. 6: How do I share & stay safe online?

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