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Grade 4: Social Studies: Ancient Egypt

A collection of hand chosen activities and resources to support the Ontario Grade 4 Social Studies curriculum. Lots of resources and ideas,for students, teachers and parents!

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The Lost Pharaoh: The Search For Akhenaten Documentary

This feature documentary tells the story of Akhenaten, an ancient Pharaoh who was almost lost to history. The film follows Canadian archaeologist Dr. Donald Redford, who uncovered the foundation of the pharaoh's many temples, in his attempt to finally piece together the great Egyptian ruler's story.

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You are about to have your eyes and internal organs removed and your brain pulled out! Then your body will be stuffed with sawdust and rags, wrapped in bandages, put in a coffin and buried! Follow the step-by-step process that will turn your body into  an EGYPTIAN MUMMY!

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Fall of the Pharaohs Project

Project by Kathleen G, Grade 12 student at Rideau District High School--The Fall of Pharaohs.
Created as a world history project. Includes over 1700 hand drawn characters. "Our school story told in the time of the Pharaohs of Egypt." Displayed in the Learning Commons of Rideau District High School as part of an Egyptian display.