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Grade 9: Dramatic Arts: Creating and Presenting

Curriculum based information on the art of acting and the world of drama. Drama and acting is created through movement, observation and vocal expression.

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Teacher websites

The Elements of Acting

The 8 Basic Elements of Drama

Plot The series of events that make up a story.

Dialogue A written or spoken conversation between two or more people

Character The “people” in a play, musical, or script showing personality and emotion

Audience A group of one or more people at a performance

Stagecraft Technique and skill in all aspects of performance in theatre

Genre A category of artistic and characteristic style in theatre, music and literature

Theme An idea or topic continous throughout a play or musical

Theatre Warm Ups

Theare Games and Activities

Gr. 9-12: Ask Us/Demande Moi

Gr. 9-12: How do I start my research?

Gr. 9-12: How do I cite my sources?

Gr. 9-12: Send us your work

Books for Grade 9 Dramatic Arts