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WITS/DIRE - Anti-bullying Program - for use in UCDSB Schools: Ignore

The WITS® group of programs brings together schools, families and community members to help elementary school children learn effective strategies on how to deal with bullying and peer victimization.

W.I.T.S. - Have you tried ignoring?

Don’t pay attention to what the person who is bothering you is saying or doing.

Kids who tease or bully other kids are often just trying to get a reaction from them. Ignoring them means they won’t get this reaction from you.

Many times, just ignoring the person who is teasing or bullying you will make them stop.

(Graphics  & Text: WITS - Resources)  Victoria, BC.

I Need A Super Hero

Introduction: I Need A Super Hero - 

The idea of the hero is something that even very small children understand at some level. Many perennially favorite picture books feature heroic characters (such as Max in Where the Wild Things Are — a retelling of Homer's Odyssey). As children grow, their exposure to different manifestations of the hero broadens. They encounter heroes in television, movies, books, magazines and music, and on the pages of their local newspapers.

The heroic archetype features prominently in literary analysis at the high school level. A clear understanding of, and the ability to manipulate and apply, this idea is critical to any approach to world literature for the high school student. Unlike most of the Mensa Foundation's lesson plans, this one includes the reading of a long novel as its culminating assignment.

This lesson plan was designed to tie into the Mensa Hero Bracket Challenge that began in the October 2010 issue of the Mensa Bulletin, with the results announced in the March 2011 issue. It is not necessary to read the article, however, for students to benefit from the lesson plan. If you are a member of Mensa, you (or your students) may read about the Hero Bracket Challenge in the October 2010 issue.

Guiding Questions

  • What makes a hero?
  • Where do we find heroes?
  • How are heroes in books different from heroes in real life?
  • What is the journey of the hero and how does the archetype manifest itself

Checking Your Body Language - MENZA for Kids

The Power of Body Language

The Power of Body Language

Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy explains the power behind nonverbal communication. She shares how, in a very short time, you can become more powerful. Dr. Cuddy explains the difference between “fake it ‘til you make it” and “fake it ‘til you become it,” and invites us all to put the ideas to the test, sharing the information to empower others.

If Superpowers Were Real.....

Audible - Suggested Reading

Read A Loud - Tie IN - SAG - StoryLine - Kevin Costner

IGNORE - "You are special, Never stop believing in that!". (Annie: Original Movie version)

Our mission is to give sick children hope and feel joy by visiting them dressed up as superheroes. We do this completely non-profit. We also visit company’s and organizations in order to be able to visit more children on our free time. One of our goals is to donate at least 50.000 SEK per year to ”The Swedish Childhood Cancer foundation” (Barncancerfonden).

Mind-UP - Helping Children Thrive - Simple to implement and evidence-based. Mind-UP is built upon four pillars to promote positive mental health and well-being.



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Create Your Own LEGO® Maze

Create Your Own LEGO Maze

In this activity, we’ll be building a LEGO Marble Maze and increasing the level of difficulty with each new design. We’ll start with a simple marble maze and then eventually add curves, tunnels, traps, and dead ends to the track.

Super Hero - Sleep Meditation

Read A Loud of the Day

Use Your W.I.T.S - Use your Super Powers and IGNORE

I Need a Superhero

I Need a Superhero

Examining the heroic archetype

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Universal Jigsaw

Jumble Classic

Coconut Vowels

Coconut Vowels

Coconut Vowels is a language arts game that provides practice in spelling. Coconuts with partial words fall to the beach. The student must match missing letters to the correct word coconut.

Harold Gray, <i>Little Orphan Annie</i>, August 5, 1924, and January 9, 1925

Harold Gray, Little Orphan Annie, August 5, 1924, and January 9, 1925

Ignore - Take your mind off the problem

Behind the Scenes: Annie - It's a Hard Knock Life