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WITS/DIRE - Anti-bullying Program - for use in UCDSB Schools: Helpful UCDSB Virtual Resources - VLC

The WITS® group of programs brings together schools, families and community members to help elementary school children learn effective strategies on how to deal with bullying and peer victimization.

Camp Read A Lot

VLC - Net Smarts Databases

Welcome to Anywhere

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Digital Compass can only be used on desktop or laptop web browsers.

Digital Compass by Common Sense Education teaches students the fundamentals of digital citizenship through a choose-your-own-path interactive game, designed for grades 6–8.

Read A Loud of the Day - STFS - A Moon of My Own

Top Picks - UCDSB- VLC

Suggested Databases - UCDSB: Virtual Learning Common's

Research - Getting Started: UCDSB-VLC

K-Gr. 6: Ask Us/Demande Moi

K-Gr. 6: How do I find out about my topic?

K-Gr. 6: Games & Databases