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KennedyM: Tourism

Major Cities

some of the major cities in Iceland are,

city name:            Population:

Reykjavík             121,822             (capital of Iceland)                                                 

Kópavogur           34,122

Hafnarfjörður        28,184     

Akureyri                18,041 






Blue Lagoon, Grindavik


         The Blue Lagoon is a very popular spa in Iceland; its geothermal features are soothing, and healthy for your body.  The hot springs is the main attraction of this spa for it is relaxing just to touch the water.  The water in the hot springs usually ranges from 37-39 degrees Celsius.  But the hot springs isn't the only attraction to this spa, they also have many little shops were you can buy spa treatments, food, and drinks.   



Landmannalaugar is a national park in Iceland, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland; this tourism hot spot is so popular because of the multihued rhyolite mountains, the Hekla volcano, and the extensive lava fields.  These magical mountains look unreal, you will feel like your in a movie when you visit them, you can hike these mystical mountains along with horse back riding through the hills, you can do this for hours or even days, and when you leave these mountains you will feel so stressed-free and relaxed.         


Dettifoss Waterfall

The Dettifoss Waterfall is another very popular tourist spot in Iceland, it is the most powerful waterfall in all of Iceland, and a very cool site to see, you do not have to pay to see this water fall it is free, unlike most of the sites on this list.  

Skaftafell Ice Cave, Vatnajökull National Park


‚Äč            The ice caves are a very popular tourist attraction during the winter months, when the other great attractions might not be available.  This is a very magical experience for anyone traveling to Iceland, you can experience something you never have before.  The ice caves are different every year, new ice caves will form each year depending on the conditions of weather.  The entire ice cave business relies on the weather condition being cold enough to form these caves.  The walk through these caves is magical and its a perfect attraction to go see if your only looking for a shorter tour the caves are also good for the whole family to go enjoy.