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Makayla: Additional Information

Welcome to Norway

The Viking Ship Museum is located in Oslo, Norway. You can see Viking ship's from as long ago as the year 952. You can see the first excavated Viking Ship, the Tune Viking Ship. This wonderful museum is located on Huk Aveny 35, and is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland. 

The Den Nationale Scen is a theatre located in Bergen, Norway. It is one of the biggest theatres in Norway and presents around twenty major productions each year. The most noteworthy performance was in 1935; 'Var Oere Og Voer Makt,' meaning 'Our Honor And Our Power.'

There are many fun things to do in Norway. You can whale watch and feed the wildlife, including elk, lynx and reindeer. The most popular sports are cross-country skiing, speed skating and sled dog racing, which are easily done because the country is often cold and snowy. Other popular activities include hiking and cycling the trails, and kayaking in the beautiful fjords. 

Fun Facts

The Average Life Span In Norway Is 82 Years Old.

The Population Of Norway Is 5.233 Million People.

Marilyn Monroe has Norwegian History, Along With Roald Dahl.

The Currency In Norway Is Norwegian Krone.

Norway Is The World's Largest Exporter Of Salmon.

Edvard Munch, Artist Of ​The Scream​ Was Norwegian.

The National Drink Is A Spirit Called Akevitt ​And Is Sixty Percent Alcohol