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Makayla: Norwegian Foods

Welcome to Norway

‚ÄčThe Three Best Norwegian Dishes


For many families, this is a traditional meal, and is commonly eaten weekly. The minced meat is seasoned with a variety of ingredients, and the dish is served with either creamed cabbage or mashed peas, but during a celebratory meal, the dish would be served with both sides. 


Farikal translates directly to 'mutton in cabbage.' Farikal is made from the non-prime cuts of mature sheep, along with cabbage, salt, and black peppercorns- boiled together for hours until the meat is tender enough to fall off the bone. It is a very simple, humble dish, yet it's delicious!

laks og eggerore

The Laks Og Eggerore is a common breakfast food consisting of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. It comes served in an open faced sandwich, topped with ansjos, a type of anchovy. You can also include a delectable wine and herb sauce, to really bring out the unique flavours.