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Welcome to Norway

Major Cities

Oslo- Oslo is the beautiful capital city of Norway. Oslo is the home of the world's largest sculpture park, Frogner Park. The park has 212 sculptures by one artist, Gustav Vigeland, but the park consists of over three hundred and fifty sculptures! Also, the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony is held every year in the beautiful city of Oslo, Norway.

Bergen- Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. The name Bergen is actually derived from Bjorgvin, meaning "green field between mountains." The city of Bergen is also known as the 'City of Seven Mountains,' and is a very beautiful cities with many valleys and mountains. Bergen also has many allmennings; an open grassy area to be used by all, like a common area.

Trosmo- Trosmo is one of the most popular destinations in Norway. Trosmo is the best Norwegian city when it comes to tourism. You can visit the Trosmo Museum to see the exhibitions on Sami culture and investigate the history of the life in the Arctic. There are also many opportunities to spend time with the wildlife; you can feed the reindeer and go whale watching. Not to mention that on the mountaintops, you can see the beautiful Northern lights. 

St. Olav, the King of Norway in the 11th century died in the Battle of Stiklestad on July 29th, 1030. He is buried beneath the Nidarosdomen, and this has made the Nidarosdomen an important landmark to the locals of Norway. 







The Preikestolen is also known as "The Pulpit Rock." This is because the plateau towers 604 meters above the Lysefjord, a calm body of water. The mountain plateau is a wonderful location to spend an afternoon. It is beautiful from the bottom and the top; the view is outstanding from the point, and the mountain is unbelievable from a boat. 





The Geirangerfjord is home to 'The Seven Sisters' waterfall, located on the Northern side of the fjord. 'The Suitor' is another waterfall, across from 'The Seven Sisters.' The Geirangerfjord is a beautiful place to sight see because these waterfalls are gorgeous. Helicopter tours provide an exclusive view to the amazing Geirangerfjord.

Oslo, the capital of Norway and a beautiful city.

Bergen, Norway. The second largest and one of the most beautiful cities in Norway.

This is Trosmo, a popular destination home to the beautiful Trosmo Bridge.









The Nordlysfestivalen is an international music festival presenting high quality concerts and miscellaneous shows to a large audience. It's also known as 'The Northern Lights Festival.' The Norwegian festival presents top artists ranging from early music, modern, opera, jazz, and chamber music to symphonic orchestras.