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On April 22 we'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day under conditions no one could have imagined in 1970. The global economy has experienced a massive slowdown due to the spread of the COVID-19.  As a result industrial pollution — almost across the board — is down.

It shouldn't take a global pandemic to make the Earth a better place to live, but it shows us, in a way, what's possible.

A lot has changed since the first Earth Day in 1970. We know more about the damage we've done to our planet — and how we might fix it 

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Summer Reading Clubs - 2020

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To better serve remote reading amid recent school closings, we have adjusted the dates for OverDrive’s Summer Read program. It will now run April 15 – July 31 with the theme Sora Sweet Reads. This annual program is designed for schools in the US and Canada to encourage students to keep reading all year long. We’re offering thirty free and simultaneous use juvenile and young adult ebooks (and select audiobooks). These titles will be available to participating schools and prominently displayed in Sora so it’s easy for students to find their next sweet read.

If your students read them all, they can always check out more books from their public library without ever leaving Sora.


Great picks for your young readers.

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