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Cheerleading: Cool Information

This UCDSB Cheerleading guide will enable students and teachers to share ideas as well as view photos of their amazing teams!

Learn all About Cheerleading!!!

Find pictures, videos, articles an all kinds of reliable and interesting information about cheerleading!

Do It Yourself!

History of Cheerleading vs. Modern Day Cheerleading

Did you know?

Music-Copyright law states that all music must now have permission of the artist.  To aid in this there are many cheerleading companies that already have the permission and can arrange the music for you.    

Some examples are: 

Cheersounds, Full out Music Productions, and Cheermusic4u.

Coaches Qualifications - OPHEA now would like all coaches (for any sport)  to have their First Aid/CPR training.  As well for cheerleading coaches need to have a safety training if they plan on doing stunting. 

This can be found at nfhsLearn

    Coaches also need to have gymnastic qualifications to aid or teach any tumbling.

Cheerleading as a Sport

Did you know that Cheerleading is not an Olympic Sport?

Read more about it:

Is Cheerleading a sport at all?  Well, of course!  Right?  
Learn more about the debate...

Cheerleading Around the World

Find some amazing videos and images of high-level international cheerleading teams in action.  Their stunts are truly amazing!

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