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Learning Commons Space Re-Designs (2015-2016): Project Outline

Project Outline: Phase 1

Plan & Timeline:

  • November:
    • Conduct one-on-one teacher orientations during their prep time to introduce individual VLC resources to support their classes 
    • Raise school awareness about VLC resources
    • During each class visit to the Learning Commons:
      • Provide a 5 min orientation of a specific VLC resource to each class that visits the Learning Commons – this should complement what the class is studying or will be studying
      • Provide examples of Learning Commons physical space re-designs at UCDSB elementary schools and how this has impacted student learning/use of the space
  • December/January:      
    • Acquire teacher feedback on what they would like to support learning outcomes in the Learning Commons – space configuration and resources/technology use, etc.
    • Acquire student feedback on how they like to learn within a space (e.g. individually, in a group, etc.), student reading interests, and ideas for what they would like in the space (e.g. theme, colours, furniture configurations, etc.)
  • January/February:
    • Compile teacher and student feedback
    • Deb, Paul, and Kristen meet to determine next steps for space re-design (i.e. what items to action and how, based on feedback)