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Grade 6: Social Studies: Ms. Martin's Class

Exploration of the experiences and perspectives of diverse communities in historical and contemporary Canada and how they contributed to the development of Canadian identity.


Social Studies                     

Due: May 30th , 2019            

Presentations: June 3, 4, 5

In partners, pick one global issue from the list below.

Using one reliable internet source, book, or newspaper article create a power point, Sway or Prezie presentation to display your global issue.

Use the following questions to help guide your presentation:

  1. What is the global issue?
  2. How did it start?
  3. Which counties were involved in the issue?
  4. What did Canada do to help?
    1. Which levels of government contribute to this issue?
    2. How has the government responded and what are they doing to make changes?
  5. What can be done to make sure the issue never happens again?
  6. Does your global or local issue effect other parts of the world or country?
    1. Canada has the majority of fresh water in the world, how would your global or local issue affect our fresh water in Canada?
  7. How does your topic effect Indigenous people?
  8. What questions do you or your partner still have, which are not answered in my sources?
  9. How can you become more active in your community? (each partner must answer this question individually).
  10. How will you reduce your carbon footprint? (each partner must answer this question individually)


  • Deforestation (locally or globally)
  • Climate Change – affect on animals, hunting, Indigenous groups, seasons, food growth, price of food (increase locally and in northern communities)
  • Fresh water/boiled water advisory on reserves and Indigenous communities as well as other parts of the world such as Flint Michigan
  • Great Bear Rainforest British Columbia (Pipe line/potential Oil Spill) – Affect on Indigenous groups
  • Retreating Canadian Artic – how does this affect us locally/globally, indigenous groups for example – hunting and their way of life

The Shrinking Bears: What Will Happen to the Bears of Hudson Bay?

TOPIC: Climate Change

TOPIC: Deforestation

TOPIC: Clean Drinking Water

TOPIC: Great Bear Rainforest (British Columbia) Oil Pipeline

TOPIC: Canadian Arctic & Climate Change


1. START WITH READING A GENERAL INFORMATION ARTICLE.  WRITE DOWN VOCABULARY WORDS.  Use the 'Search Like a Hound Dog' template to help get you started.

2. LEARN MORE! USE DATABASES & WEBSITES TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE (MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR ASSIGNMENT!).  Think critically!  Find out about evaluating information on How do I...Evaluate Websites & Information Sources.  Use the handy CRAAP checklist below.

3. CITE YOUR SOURCES!  All VLC databases will provide citation information for articles.  To help with citing websites, visit How do I?  Create & Cite My Work


K-Gr. 6: Ask Us/Demande Moi

Changing Sea Ice in Canada's North

NOAA Ice Melt in Canada's North