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Important Places

-Lake Retba/Lac Rosa

-Dakar: Capitol of Senegal


-Goree Island

Important Places

Lake Retba

St. Louis


Goree Island

Outdoor activites

There are many places to swim in Senegal.

There are also Nature and Wildlife tours

Go to Senegal for awesome bike, boat and eco tours

There is also some canoeing and kayaking

Water sports, scuba diving and snorkeling

Theme parks


-Meyazz club: live music

-Goethe Institute: Arts center (Germen)


Languages & Local Dialect

-French is the offical language but Wolof, Pulaar, Mandinka, Balanta-Ganja, Mandjak, Hassaniya Arabic, Noon, Jola-Fonyi, Serer, Soninke, and Mankanya are the national languages mainly spoken. Some Portuguese is also spoken. 


Thinking of taking a trip? Take a trip to Senegal!

Senegal location

Senegal is located in Africa in the northern and western hemispheres

Latitudes: 12 degress and 17 degress North

Longtitudes 11 degress and 18 West



Senegal has tropical weather. Its very hot and humid, but they do have rainy season.

The daily average tempature is 26 degrees Celsius or 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average minimum is 17 degrees Celsius or 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hot seasons average is 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.



Long Boats

Pony Carriage


Another Bus

People Riding Camels

Cars and Trucks


-Rice of Fish: Thieboudienne

-Rice of Meat: Thiébou yapp

-Rice of Peanut: Thiébou guerté

-Rice of Chicken: Thiébou guinar

-5 cent cookie: Cinq centimes peanut cookie

Historic sites and Landmarks

-Joal Fadiout

-La Monument de la Renaissance Africaine

-Grande Mosquee Gandigal-Est

-House of Slaves (memorial)

Historic Sites and Landmarks photos

Joal Fadiout

La Monument de la Renaissance Africaine

for the best experience see this monument at night

Grande Mosquee Gandigal-Est

House of Slaves


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