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Temple of Poseidon at Sounion


Greek Flag

Greek Mountain

The ancient Greeks had interesting ideas when it came to architecture. here are some ancient buildings you should see.

Epidaurus Theater

The Parthenon


Temple of Poseidon at Sounion

The climate in Greece is typical of the Mediterranean climate: mild and rainy winters, relatively warm and dry summers and, generally, extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year.

To reach Greece's many islands you will need to take a boat but you can drive  or walk every where else

Greece is a place with a wonderful environment and rich history. You will be astounded by the accent mythology and arctucture and the landscape is breathtaking. This website will teach you about the culture and what to see while your there.

The food you find in Greece are simple and delicious. Here are four that you will discover here.


Greek Salad

Lamb Kebabs

Yogurt honey and walnuts

The local language in Greece is Greek.

Greek Salad

Greek plate

Greek Mosaic


The ancient Greeks belived in several gods and goddess. You may see or hear about some of these ones while you are there.


The god of the sea.


The god of war.


The god of weather and king of the gods.


The Godess of wisdom


The goddess of the hunt.

Athens is the capital of Greece.